Getting Started Guide

This guide will show every beginner to Amazon online arbitrage the software and tools they will need to get started selling on Amazon today!!!

I’ll be showing you all the free softwares you need to get started and then all the best paid softwares and systems that can help scale and automate your business which can lead to an awesome 2019 selling on Amazon.

Chapter 1 – Free Tools

Keepa Extension: International Keepa Charts – This is another FREE plugin that is an extension of the traditional Keepa chart. The software provides you an instant pop up showing the Keepa charts relating to each European marketplace so you can compare them all against that product instantly.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 17.55.13

Download Keepa Extension: International Keepa Charts Here:

DS Amazon Quick View – This FREE tool is another Chrome extension plugin. It provides you the rank and ASIN of any product before you click through to the product page.

This is extremely useful when trying to figure out which listing is the correct, as there are duplicate listings for many products and you need to make sure you are analysing the correct one.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 18.05.24

Above is an example, you can see at the bottom of the product it shows ranking, ASIN, the number of FBA sellers and if Amazon are on the listing.

It is important to know which listing’s correct because they are all very similar. You don’t want to list your product against the wrong ASIN, so make sure you do your due diligence.

Download DS Amazon Quick View Here:

Chapter 2 – Paid Tools

KEEPA ( RECENTLY BECOME PAID – ESSENTIAL) This is a free Chrome extension that plugs into your Amazon page. This can be used to analyse the Amazon product page and from that information you can make a buying decision.

This is one of the most important tools you will need when doing Amazon online arbitrage!.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 18.18.30

This is an example of what you will see once you have successfully integrated it into the Amazon page.

The top section will show you product sales and at what price the product has been selling at. The bottom section provides you data on the number of sellers at any given time.

Download KEEPA Here:

Cost: £14.99 Per Month.

Buy Bot Pro – Deal Analysis Tool (Essential) – Buy Bot Pro is a chrome extension. It is like an assistant which helps you analyse you deals and provides important indicators and suggestions. It calculates profits, tells you if you are eligible to sell the product, how many units you should buy and much much more. For any beginner to online arbitrage this is a must have tool before anything other piece of software.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 18.25.38

Cost: £24.95 Per Month.

This is one of the best value pieces of software on the market to date and more than pays for itself over the month.

You can take a look at all they have to offer on their website here:

Usually a 7 day FREE TRIAL available, use code 3EXTRAFREEDAYSTRIAL for 10 days FREE TRIAL!

Suspension Safeguard Protection ( Essential ) – This is very important for every Amazon seller, especially beginners. Suspension safeguard protection is essentially a point of contact for when you have issues with Amazon. This could be in terms of needing to provide documentation and information for things like authenticity of product or proof of purchase which Amazon may request from time to time, in some cases it can lead to suspension of your Amazon account if done incorrectly.

Even for the more experienced Amazon sellers this is still something they will subscribe to as it provides an extra layer of safety and gives you piece of mind in the event of any issues.

They even have a FREE 11 tips about Amazon suspension on their website.

Suspension Safeguard:

Cost: £19.95 + VAT = Total Cost £23.94

Link for only Suspension Safeguard here:

Buy Bot Pro & Suspension Safeguard:

Total Cost £34.95

Link for Buy Bot Pro & Suspension Safeguard:

Online Arbitrage Deals – (Daily Deal Flow) – Online arbitrage deals is the NO1 place to get product leads for your Amazon online arbitrage business.

Depending on the package you sign up to you will receive from 7 deals a day all the way up to 17 deals a day.



Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 18.32.20

There are other softwares out there in the market to source product deals but over the years they have become outdated and the number of profitable products they produce can be limited.

That is why Online Arbitrage Deals is a MUST for any Amazon seller.

This is what a standard product lead would look like, you simply need to login and it will present you with all your product leads. The leads are presented in a very simple easy to read and understand way, with everything you would need to analyse the deal all in one place.

Example below:

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 18.31.46

You can check out the full website here:

If you think it is a bit too expensive then you can use the below discount codes to help out!

Discount Codes for Online Arbitrage Deals

UK Codes

DC 67 for Silver Package at £67+VAT Instead of £99+VAT
DC 129 for Silver Package at £129+VAT Instead of £179+VAT
DC 189 for Silver Package at £189+VAT Instead of £249+VAT

US Codes

DC 99 for Silver Package at $99 Instead of $129
DC 179 for Silver Package at $179 Instead of $229
DC 269 for Silver Package at $269 Instead of $329

Fast Track FBA – Product Deal Flow Software – Online arbitrage product deal software, unlock only the deals you want, decide by brand, profit, category and use tokens to unlock the details. You can even buy out the deal and have it to yourself. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 18.48.01

Check out the software and if you like it you can sign up here:

Bqool – Product Repricing Software + 14 DAY FREE TRIAL – This is a piece of software which will automatically reprice your products. This can help maximise your profits and can even make you extra profit by selling your products at a higher price.

Amazon do have a free repricer built in to their seller central dashboard, however the software is very limited.

With a repricer it will automatically move your prices to be most competitive leading to sales at a higher value than if you just used the free one provided by Amazon.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 18.39.55

Cost: $25.00 ( Approx £20.00 )

You can get a 14 FREE trial below:

Link here:

Seller Board – Amazon After Sales Analytics + 2 MONTHS FREE TRIAL – This is a piece of software which will provide you in-depth information on your Amazon sales. It shows you daily, weekly, monthly sales data along with what products have sold and how much profit you made.

You can also add in expenses and costs so that you can accurately track your profits.

It also has the function to alert you when products need to be reordered or restocked so that you never lose a sale due to being out of stock.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 18.57.43

Cost – $19.00 – (Approx £15.00)

You can get 2 Months FREE here:

Bonus Tools

Complete Savings – Cashback Website – This is a great way to get 10% in cashback up to £250 a month.

So if you are spending £2,500 on stock each month you would receive £250 each and every month.

This is a great way to cover your Amazon expenses so that actually your overall costs are almost non existent (depending on level of expenses).

If you only subscribe to a few services such as Buy Bot Pro, Online Arbitrage Deals and Bqool then you can cover these all with cashback and everything you make within your Amazon business can be pure profit.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 19.08.25.png

You can’t go directly to their website and sign up, instead you need to be “offered” to sign up.

This is a very straight forward process however, you are offered to join them after you have checked out and paid for products through say Argos, Trainline and various other retailers.

Once you have paid for products you will see a banner that allows you to claim back some cashback. You need to click and follow this link and sign up.

Cost: £15.00/Month (You can claim this back each month)

Link to check out the website:

Online Arbitrage Deals – Deal Arbitrage (Selling leads back to them)

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 19.11.22.png

You can now sell your product leads back to Online Arbitrage Deals. You can earn £10 per lead if they meet a minimum criteria.

You will need Buy Bot Pro to analyse the deal as you need to follow a set of minimum requirements that Buy Bot Pro will provide you before you can see if you are able to sell the deal to them.

You can find the link to the website here:


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