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This is a MUST HAVE Chrome extension for every Amazon seller. The Chrome plugin adds a small info box under each product which provides information for things like, Number of Amazon sellers, Category and Rank.

It can be a slow process identifying which listing are best when simply flicking though pages and pages of Amazon products.

With this tool, you can quickly and effectively find the products most relevant to what you are looking for and flush out the products that aren’t as profitable or fast selling.

For example, if you identify two products that look like the product you want to sell, you can glance the product rank and number of sellers and easily see which listing will be the best to check out first. Which can save you hours and hours each week.

Download DS Amazon Quick View Here: amazon-quick- view/jkompbllimaoekaogchhkmkdogpkhojg?hl=en



Keepa is by far the best and most important software out there for all Amazon sellers. This is because it provides you vital data for things like, product sales, number of sellers, average selling price, historical sales data and much more.

It can also be used to identify historic “problems” the listing may have had in the past such as Intellectual property claims against sellers which can lead to account suspensions, so this is vital software to identify if a product is safe to sell.

Download KEEPA Here:

Price: 15€/Month


Buy Bot Pro is a paid chrome extension which provides you tonnes of vital and useful information. It not only has Keepa built into the software, but provides you data on the sellers, number of sellers, the stock each seller holds, the profits you can make on each product, estimated sales per month and much more.

If you are new and starting out, this is the first piece of software you need and as it also includes Keepa so you get 2 for 1 with this extension.

You can take a look at all they have to offer on their website here:

You can also bundle up your Buy Bot Pro with Suspension Safeguard which I will touch on in this guide.

Price for BuyBotPro Only: £17.95+VAT/Month

Price with Suspension Safeguard: £24.95+VAT/Month


This extra bolt on to Buy Bot Pro is added protection for your Amazon account. So if you end up in the unfortunate event of getting a policy warning then you can reach out to the team and they will guide you through the process for addressing these policy issues.

We all hope we never have to utilise such a service but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Price: £19.95+VAT/Month (Suspension Safeguard Only)

Price: With BuyBotPro: £24.95+VAT/Month

Safeguard protection only:

Safeguard protection  + Buy Bot Pro ( )


Online Arbitrage Deals is perfect for anyone looking to be hands off on their Amazon business.

They provide you daily deals that you can analyse and buy, direct from the retailer to sell on Amazon.

Daily deal flow is important to maintain healthy turnover and product range so that you can make consistent profits over the long term.

They utilise a huge team of virtual assistants to gather the best deals each and every day for you to buy.

Check out the details below for the service.

Discount Codes Available:

UK Codes

Discount code:

DC 166 for £166 +VAT.

DC 67 for Standard Package at £67 +VAT Instead of £99 +VAT

DC 189 for Accelerated Package at £189 +VAT Instead of £249 +VAT

Online Arbitrage Deals Link:



Once you have been selling for a short time on Amazon, you want to maximise profits and automation so you can focus your time and energy on making more profits.

Profit Protector Pro is great for setting your minimum and maximum prices for your products and then leaving the software to take over for you and adjust your prices accordingly to maximise sales.

Various “rules” can be applied to different types of repricing strategies from profit maximisation through to aggressive sales.

Profit Protector Pro Link:

Virtual Assistant Hire & Full Training: Amazon Virtual Assistant Manual Source

Amazon virtual assistants are a great addition to any Amazon business,

I currently have 3 full time Amazon VA’s.

This service hires and trains a full time VA for you to manual source products for you, but as I have found. They are capable of much more. So moulding them to your business after the hiring process can be the best decision you have ever made.

Hiring a VA from Fast Track FBA means that the VA’s come with a base level of knowledge on all things Amazon. This is vital, as many VA’s hired through a VA hiring website can be very hit and miss and not up to the quality expected.

So for me, this service is a must need cost so to make sure you can then take the VA off of Fast Track FBA’s hands and then mould them to your own business.

What you get:

How much does it cost?

Fast Track FBA VA Hiring Link: